Monday, June 28, 2010

Who Is Accountable For The Education of Our Children?

In my opinion the biggest problem with accountability of our student’s learning is who we blame when students do not learn. Who is accountable for learning? The research is clear that highly qualified teachers are the most important ingredients in our schools to assure that students are achieving academically. However other accountability elements for our students’ achievement is the involvement of students, parents, educational systems and employees, and politicians fighting for funds and new ways to continue to improve education.

Many times the once partnership between the school, student, and parents has become a disenfranchised blame game. Parents are upset and many have become disregarded by the government and many school systems as irrelevant to their children’s education. However, I believe the parents are the second most important element needed for our children to be successful academically. Parents must support their children at home by making sure they finish homework, study for tests, and that students have readily access to updated technology access and equipment at home. Students are also important elements in student achievement. Students must want to learn.

The bridge must be mended between the parents and the school and government. However, parents also must be held accountable for sending their children to school ready to learn. Parents must be held accountably by helping their school help their children learn by providing the guidance needed at home to make sure there is follow through of the directions of the teacher of assignments at home, to make sure students are studying for tests, to make sure there is student friendly reading material around, and to make sure their children have access needed to do projects to computer hardware and software and internet access.

Parents should also have a choice in their children’s education.

Many others are also involved in the education of the children in local communities like the DeKalb County School System. These individuals are part of our local communities. It does take a village to raise and teach our children. In conclusions, all members of a community are equally involved to keep the educational system up and running through the taxes that the citizens of a community pay every year in property tax and every day in the penny sales tax across the county of Dekalb and other great counties across the state. Educating children in our community is a team effort and everyone in a community is responsible.

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